Colin Oloman : Biography

Colin Oloman was born in London, England. He emigrated to Australia in 1949 and subsequently moved to Canada, where he now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Oloman is a graduate of the Universities of Sydney and British Columbia and has been engaged in the field of chemical engineering for 40 years, both in academia and industry. A professor emeritus, professional engineer, member of the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Electrochemical Society, Oloman has authored or co-authored three books (Ol's Notes on Material and Energy Balances, Electrochemical Processing for the Pulp and Paper Industry, Handbook of Fuel Cell Modeling) plus numerous proprietary reports and publications in technical journals ( He is also an inventor or co-inventor of some twenty U.S. and international patents (USP,,  

As a faculty member in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at U.B.C. , from which he retired in 2004, Oloman has taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses, including Material and Energy Balances, Process Technology, Process Design, Process Synthesis, Interfacial Phenomena and Electrochemical Engineering. Oloman’s ongoing research and consulting interests are centered on electrochemical systems, with a focus on the design of electrochemical reactors for electro-synthesis and power generation (, , These activities are linked to a personal concern for sustainable development. 

Along with his wife Mab and daughters Rowan and Aidan, Oloman enjoys outdoor activity and has years of rewarding experience bicycling, bushwalking, canyoning, canoeing, mountaineering, ocean-kayaking, rafting, surfing and skiing. 


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